Web Design

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has opened doors for businesses — small and large — to enter larger markets that they could never have reached before. On a personal level, the web arena has allowed me to combine my creative nature with my past business experiences so that I have a FUN JOB!

Many of the sites I've created represent my client’s first ventures into having a web presence — getting their toes wet, so to speak. The smaller sites are often just "web business cards" so a business can get a feel for their potential internet customer base.

Rascal Graphics tries to make visually appealing and user-friendly sites at a competitive rate. My web design is billed at $60 an hour, often resulting in a price range of $300-$500 for a general/information site, with e-commerce sites starting at $1,500. Additional features such as the client's ability to add content can be easily added to your site starting at $200 for setup. Depending on your specific needs, prices may be higher, and I will be glad to work up a quote.