About Me

Why I do what I do

Rascal Graphics is just me: Julie Ferguson aka Fergie. Because of my varied work experience, I am able to offer a range of services.

I provide services such as graphic design, web design, business and social network marketing; logo design/branding, printed material (brochures, books, etc.), training and consultation on all of the above, and more!

My Story

I take a personal interest in the companies for whom I create. That passion and intimacy allows for an enjoyable work experience for me and a better end-product for my clients. Being self-employed for over 20 years provides years of work, personal, and consumer experiences that are priceless tools for designing websites.

I can complete your website project alone, but many times I simply set up a site and hand it over to my client (with one-on-one training, of course!) In addition, I am happy to work with any other businesses with whom my clients already have working relationships. Whatever produces the best results!

My past job experience has prepared me for the work I now do. I've worked for an advertising agency, a photographer, real estate developer, stock brokerage firm, accountant... The experience from these industries included editing/proofreading, darkroom work, clerical, customer relations, newsletter editing/design, and lots of computer experience, of course.


After starting Complete Computers with my husband, I began doing graphic design. My two primary customers were print shops for whom I performed services such as creating/editing logos, complex printed form layout, and miscellaneous graphic design projects.

Complete Computers became an internet service provider in 1996, which started my journey into web design. Among other clients, my early sites included a large e-commerce venture for a candle manufacturer, miscellaneous information sites for local businesses, and free sites for churches. To become more proficient and knowledgeable in my industry, I also earned certifications in server technology.

Stepping out on my own as a retail store owner, I gained a wealth of information and experience in reaching, satisfying and keeping customers.

The past decade has seen a huge evolution in web design and the technologies involved. I am constantly learning and training, upgrading my equipment and software, and attempting to stay on top of the wave of changes.

About Fergie

I am a mother, artist, follower of Jesus, and tech geek... While my four boys are either in college or on their own {sniff}, my two step-daughters and my five grandchildren live nearby!  

In addition to graphic/web design, I am also a glass bead artist and teacher (FergieBeads.)

Me (left) and my late sister, Beth
Me (left) and my late sister, Beth

So... Who's Rascal?

RascalRascal is the best dog a family could have. He alternates between standing guard out in my yard to sleeping by my feet while I work. Here is is, saying hello! Like most photos you find on the internet, Rascal has aged since this picture was taken (ha!) His eyes are getting bad, and he has a lot of gray... 

lucySince naming my business, my life has been blessed by one more pet: Lucy. She's less of a guard dog and more of a cuddler. I have to be careful not to roll my chair over her tail when I'm working because she and I are joined at the hip. Here's Lucy enjoying her first snow.