A great WP site builder I discovered

beaver-builder-logo1With the help of the The WordPress Chick, I’ve recently discovered Beaver Builder WordPress page builder. It is available as a free (lite) plugin through the WordPress plugin directory, or you can purchase the full version (Standard) plugin as well as a Pro and Agency version.

I tried the free plugin first, and I knew it was something I wanted to invest in. However, I had a dilemma… The Standard plugin is $99, but I wanted the extra themes that are available as well. That is included starting with the Pro version, which is $199.  Was I going to be able to pay back my investment quickly?

So I bit the bullet and went for the Pro version, and I’m glad I did.  Here’s why…

No more theme hunting

I spend hours searching for the right theme, trying themes out, re-working sites to go back to what I had before I tried the theme… With the various theme options in the Pro plugin (6, I think) plus the page templates, I can create sites that look different from each other but have the same back end.

Less confusion among my sites

This goes along with Reason #1… In the past I have purchased deluxe themes for my sites, but after being knee-deep in a client’s site, I have to spend time re-familiarizing myself with a theme when I switch to another client.  I don’t know if I will go back and change the current sites I have – at least not all of them and not right now – but at least from this point on, I can master Beaver Builder and get comfortable enough to dig into the code using its child theme.


As I use Beaver Builder more and more, I feel confident that I will come back to add more reasons why I’m glad I invested $199 in this plugin and theme. If you are a web designer in the market for something to help build better sites more efficiently, I hope my perspective helps some.